A closer look at Honda X-ADV

A closer look at Honda X-ADV

February 25, 2018 / 7169 / News
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For this year, we feature Honda X-ADV as one of our top picks. What exactly is a Honda X-ADV made of, and why it could be one of your best purchases from Motortrade?

A road adventurer
Escaping the urban Philippine traffic to the tranquility of rural landscapes now means smooth and sophisticated with a X-ADV. Honda’s Italian research and development team embedded this power for adventure and handsome looks to awe and inspire, and at the same time, ruggedness to survive tough Philippine landscapes.

Smart riding
Philippine roads can be tuff but X-ADV equips you with the latest in motorcycle technology to not just smooth out rough terrains, but also make your long ride comfortable. Bikers would love the comfortable seat and the large footrest to give yourself more time on the road. And speaking of more road time, the X-ADV can store as much as 21 liters of fuel for non-stop action.

But wait until you get your hands on the keys. Actually, Smart Keys, which controls both start-up and ignition right from your pocket. Your dashboard is also LED-illuminated and boasts of a digital speedo and circular tachometers, and also comes with a 12V socket to power up your gadgets on the go.

Now available
Experience the power with a downpayment of PhP200,000 and 36-months installment of PhP25,624/mo. The proof of the pudding is in the eating so, please, do visit our branches and our Honda Flagship Shop in Makati to know more and see it for yourself.


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